5 Reasons Why Bubble Mailers Are Better than Boxes

5 Reasons Why Bubble Mailers Are Better than Boxes

We are in an era where efficiency matters, whether in businesses like e-commerce or daily chore applications. To improve efficiency, bubble mailers can revolutionize the gift packing and parcel industry.

An online business deals with shipping products from one place to another daily. Time management plays a major role, and every package is tied to a certain time as a task to deliver the order within the time allotted.

Nowadays, e-commerce penetration is increasing worldwide, attracting customers living in harsh or unidentified remote places. Proper packaging of orders is a priority for shipping companies.

This is where bubble mailers come into play. They provide the required support and safety to the product, elevating customer satisfaction. In this blog, we are discussing the reasons that bubble mailers are better than boxes.

5 Reasons Bubble Mailers are superior to Boxes

    • Cost Effectiveness: Budget is one of the reasons businesses are less interested in research and incorporating new technology. But bubble mailers can be a significant addition to the shipping process as they save ample cost compared to traditional boxes. Businesses that deal with large quantities of orders and manage work across multiple channels might observe cost differences when using bubble mailers for shipping. Due to their lightweight and precise dimensions, these mailers can reduce overall shipping costs. Businesses can also add bubble mailer designs without adding additional costs to the bubble mailers, through this package, will also stand out, while shipping. Furthermore, lower shipping costs can also significantly reduce postal costs, which can be beneficial for businesses that deal with frequent shipping and focus on providing enhanced customer service.

    • Efficient Space per Shipment: There are many options for shipping the orders, but using bubble mailers can carry several advantages, such as having space that can be more efficient for shipping. On the other hand, packaging orders in boxes can be bulky and have less space. A stack of bubble mailers can be used for shipping altogether, as they can be organized easily and take up less space. In addition, improved arrangement per shipping and dispatching processes can easily enhance inventory management. Businesses can observe the elevated productivity throughout the shipping process, and it can be helpful for them to manage shipping processes smoothly. Shipping in bubble mailers for businesses can also reduce the chances of damaged orders, etc.

    • Environmental Impact: With the increasing popularity of eco-friendly products in daily chores and businesses, packaging materials face the real challenge of fitting in the change of perspective in the masses. This is where bubble mailers beat the challenge and become a premium choice for businesses due to the energy-efficient materials used to develop them. On the other hand, traditional boxes contribute significantly to increasing carbon footprints that impact the environment. Bubble mailers used by businesses can be recycled after the shipping is completed. So, by choosing the best bubble mailers according to the requirements, businesses can contribute to saving the environment and following sustainable practices.

    • Protection and Durability: When businesses ship the orders received to their recipients, they strive to enhance the product’s safety throughout the process. They used several techniques, such as tracking the real-time location of the product connected with the shipment partners. This can be a burden on businesses by adding additional costs. Incorporating bubble mailers in the shipment for shipping them can provide enhanced protection throughout the process. Along with this, designer bubble mailers can elevate the shipment’s appearance and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Convenience:Nowadays, everybody seeks convenience at work and at home. Businesses also seek convenience to make their operations smooth and reduce the obstacles that hinder their workflow. Shipping companies incorporating bubble mailers for shipping can be exceptionally convenient for the business. Along with this, the packing technique of the business is enhanced by including self-seal bubble mailers which can improve productivity. Furthermore, bubble mailers are versatile, and a wide range of shipments, such as documents and electronics, can be packed in them. This superpower of adapting to requirements makes bubble mailers a top choice for businesses.


Lastly, as per the business requirement, bubble mailers can be beneficial and carry several advantages, such as elevating the shipment’s appearance and making it safe. The cost savings by the businesses and other qualities make bubble mailers attractive to adopt in their businesses. Along with this, businesses can enhance convenience levels and elevate their packaging processes, which can trigger customers to choose bubble mailers for shipping. If you are looking to incorporate bubble mailers into your business, you can go through our bubble mailers collection at Pro Supply Global. We have covered several options for bubble mailers that can align with your business requirements.


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The reusability of the bubble mailers depends on the condition of the bubble mailers. They can be reused if they are clean and fit to hold another shipment. Along with this, they can also be recycled depending on the material used to manufacture the bubble mailer.

Bubble mailers are in various sizes and shapes, the reason they can accommodate ample items. Items like jewelry can be kept in pouch bubble mailers and items like books and electronic devices can be kept in large packet bubble mailers.

Bubble mailers have restrictions on shipping products up to certain sizes. Items that are fragile, heavy, and prone to breakage should be avoided from shipping through the bubble Mailers.

Yes, bubble mailers are highly customizable and businesses can incorporate brand images, and themes to make customers aware of the package. This can also elevate the customer’s trust for the brand.