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The Ultimate Guide: Insert Card | Pro Supply Global


There is always a need to convey additional information to the customers by the businesses. Insert cards come as an evolutionary invention that can be included in product packaging, marketing materials, etc. These insert cards can be an easy way to convey a message by adding additional elements to the card that can be attractive and catchy, which can be an added advantage for the customers. This blog has discussed everything about the Insert cards, along with the types of insert cards that the masses can use.

What are Insert Cards?

Insert cards are supplementary cards attached to packaged gifts, invitations, greeting message cards, etc. It is a rectangle-shaped card that fulfills various functions when they are used for adding additional product information or a thank you note card to make your loved one feel special. Personalized Insert cards can be designed or printed in several forms as per the preference, they can also be used by individual users or firms for marketing techniques. These cards play a significant role in sparking curiosity in customers, as they guide them to check the insert custom card inside the packaging. It can be a helpful way to convey messages personally to the audience.

Usage of Insert Cards

Insert cards are used widely among individuals and also by business organizations. The most prominent usage applications are discussed below:

• Greeting Cards:

These cards are given by the people to their best pals or family members. They can be used to write additional messages, personal notes, and inside jokes that can spark the receiver’s emotions.

• Magazine Publishers:

These add information to their magazines, but sometimes there is a need for additional information such as promotional offers, survey suggestions, magazine feedback forms, etc.

• Products:

There are several product-based brands, they include insert cards for mentioning additional information about the products such as usage instructions, product warranty details, etc. This makes it easy for customers to keep track of everything rather than keeping the product box at home.

• Invitations:

Invitation cards widely use insert cards to convey information to invitees. These insert cards contain information about the event's functions, venue details, and other avenue details.

Types of Insert Cards

There are many types of insert cards are being used by businesses and individuals to add a touch to their marketing and gifting experience; some are listed below:

• Thank You Cards:

These cards are generally used for greeting people and can be given to the best pals and family members. At times, Thank you cards can also Presented to the teachers, colleagues, etc. Thank you cards are designed with a neat and heartwarming color including a thank you note within, which can be heartfelt for the receiver.

• Love Insert Cards:

These custom insert cards take us back to the old-school way of expressing love and affection towards loved ones, family members, etc. Love insert cards are the small cards kept in the gifts with a special note addressed to the receiver; this establishes the momentous occasion and enhances the gifting experience. These cards can be trendy among couples wishing each other Valentine’s Day and other special occasions such as anniversaries, etc.

• Business Insert Cards:

At times, businesses use certain techniques to promote their brand and market by adding small cards to their products and can also hand them over to the customers visiting their stores. These insert cards used by them are called business cards, and these include product information, promotional information, warranty cards, discount coupons, etc. It also provides a hassle-free experience for the customers, as they can carry the card wherever required rather than transporting the product, irrespective of its size, to several places. Sometimes, business cards can also be used as identification cards for products.

• Christmas Insert Cards:

These insert cards help include personalized notes in the Christmas greeting cards. It can be decorated with DIY techniques and can be made in different sizes and shapes. They can be enhanced by including emotional messages, Christmas wishes, holiday planning, and inviting the best pals around for winter holidays from Christmas to New Year’s Eve.


Insert cards can be helpful for businesses and individuals who want to convey messages to their customers or loved ones. They are a useful tool to enhance the gifting experience for best pals, guests to a party, or adding an extra touch to the invitation cards. Businesses can conduct promotional activities with insert cards and improve their brand identity among their customers. Are you the one looking for insert cards to provide the cherry on the cake experience to your customers or best pals waiting for your personalized note, marking the momentous occasion? So, you can visit our one-stop destination for packaging solutions at Pro Supply Global and check out our exceptional collection of insert cards, which can meet your needs, eventually elevating the receiver’s overall experience.


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There are different shapes and sizes of the product insert cards depending on the product size, shipping conditions, etc. Generally, the size that can be considered for product insert cards can be 2.5’’x2.5’’ to 4.25’’x5.5’’.

DIY insert can add a personal touch to your personalized note when you make it from scratch. This can enhance your experience and also be memorable for receivers. You can make insert cards by taking a gifting stationary kit, rectangular paper, or decorative items added from the header to the center, where the note is written.

Insert cards can vary in different shapes and sizes, and it can be easy for customers to hold them. Without clipping the corners of their thumbs. The size of the insert card can be from 6.75”, 6.25”, and 5.75”.

It is a card stock generally used for designing all types of insert cards that can have customized surfaces such as smooth, textured, or glossy. This can improve the durability of the card on the other hand using regular paper for promotional activities.