Pro Supply global Poly Mailers Collection
Pro Supply global Poly Mailers Collection

How it all started

Shipping And Packaging

Pro Supply Global is a worldwide shipping supply brand that was created by E. Bouchard Company in 2016. PSG started by offering a wide variety of designer poly mailers. Our poly mailers are thoughtfully manufactured using quality materials with a special blend of polyethylene creating strong but flexible and tear resistant bags.

Packaging and Shipping
Business and Gift Packaging

As our unique designs became popular in the e-commerce market, we soon curated poly merchandise bags with the same quality and beautiful designs. Retailers loved them! Padded bubble mailers were next on the list to secure precious items that would need protection through the mail.

Eco Friendly Products

Continuously striving to make our packaging materials affordable and accessible to all business owners we designed products that would be sustainable as well as economical. Knowing poly mailers were trending as they are super lightweight, reducing shipping costs, we introduced the biodegradable poly mailer, OXO. OXO mailers are available in a few limited designs.

Marketing And Packaging

Alongside our colleagues, we at PSG design every product you see on our website. We carefully select every product and design in our collections to make every package look truly beautiful. We confidently believe that Pro Supply Global is the best place to buy packaging supplies. Each seasonal collection allows you to effortlessly choose the right product for your packaging needs season after season.