12x15 Llama Designer Poly Plastic Merchandise Bags Premium Printed Bags

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One of our most unique and detailed poly mailer designs in the llamas! This design brings together floral patterns, aztec designs, cultural inferences, polka dots, stripes. hearts, diamonds and so much more. Llamas of varying sizes and colors are placed on a solid pink background. Every llama is designed uniquely and features glistening eyes with long, luxurious eyelashes. Some boast red, pink and purple floral headpieces while others are wearing red, blue and pink hats. There are tons of tassels, bows and pom-pom details in the hats, halters, and coats of the llamas. Colors in this design include all of the rainbow- yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, purple, green and black. The details in this design are sure to mesmerize your customers!
  • 12x15" Standard Size Premium Designer Plastic Merchandise Handle Bags (Seamlessly Printed on Both Sides With No Ugly Logos! Make Customers Remember YOUR Brand)
  • Our Special Blend of Polyethylene Creates an Extra Strong, Flexible, and Tear Resistant Bag, While Being Super Light Weight, and Being more Eco Friendly
  • Free of Strong Plastic Odors and Easy-to-Open Make These Bags Ideal for Quickly Bagging Clothing, Pants, Jeans, Leggings, T-Shirts, Perfumes, Makeup, Books, Collectables and Many Related Items

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