12x15 Pink Peacock Designer Poly Plastic Merchandise Bags Premium Printed Bags

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Our Pink Peacock design is incredibly unique and fun! This design features an iridescent look with a medium sized gold glitter accent appearing in patches throughout the design. The peacock feathers in this design come in a variety of colors including blue, pink and white all set on a pale pink watercolor background. The blue peacock feathers have an added dimension of detail as they feature intricate strokes of yellow and pink along with a deep blue eye color. The white feathers are easy to be missed as they disappear into the design leaving a fossil like imprint. Your customers are sure to love the thought put into this eye catching and captivating design.


  • (100) 12x15" Standard Size Premium Designer Plastic Merchandise Handle Bags (Seamlessly Printed on Both Sides With No Ugly Logos! Make Customers Remember YOUR Brand)
  • Our Special Blend of Polyethylene Creates an Extra Strong, Flexible, and Tear Resistant Bag, While Being Super Light Weight, and Being more Eco Friendly
  • Free of Strong Plastic Odors and Easy-to-Open Make These Bags Ideal for Quickly Bagging Clothing, Pants, Jeans, Leggings, T-Shirts, Perfumes, Makeup, Books, Collectables and Many Related Items