18x18" Blue Whales Designer Poly Mailers Shipping Envelopes Premium Printed Bags

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Our blue whale design is a fun favorite! These smiling whales swim in a sea of turquoise blue surrounded by fun designs. Zigzag and swirls finish off this poly mailer with a fun twist. Large sized, smiling whales are the focal point of this design with great detail given to their mermaid-like tail. This is a basic, modern nautical design that is paired with excellent quality that will leave a lasting impression on your customers!
  • Largest Size for Cubic Shipping!
  • 18x18" Standard Size Premium Designer Printed Shipping Mailers
  • Our Special Blend of Polyethylene Creates an Extra Strong, Flexible, and Tear Resistant Bag, While Being Super Light Weight, Reducing Shipping Costs, and Being more Eco Friendly
  • Free of Strong Plastic Odors and Easy-to-Open Make These Bags Ideal for Quickly Shipping Clothing, Pants, Jeans, Leggings, T-Shirts, and Many Related Items
  • Permanent & Strong Self Adhesive Strip Allows for Quick & Secure Packaging
  • 100% Non-See Through, The Interior of our Multi-Layer Bags are Made with a Dark Lining Preventing the Contents of the Bag from Being Seen During Shipping

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Super cute print and great quality. I’ll definitely be back to buy more of these when needed.


Great to ship items

Amy Bowman
Super Huge

I may have missed my measuring mark as these are huge! Fit the blankets with extra room


Fun design, but what’s more important is the durability! When using a mailer of this size it’s likely that the weight will also be up there; having shipped with these I can ship with confidence knowing they are durable enough to withstand the environment, as well as the beating they may take in transit! Most boxes won’t hold up but these never let me down!

Serena Spivey

-super fast shipping
-cute design
-amazing price

-a bit thin
(The bag is more likely to rip in transit with large items as larger ones seem to have more wear and tear upon delivery, so I'm a bit weary about it ripping open during transit)

Otherwise great!