19x24" Purple Mermaids Designer Poly Mailers Shipping Envelopes Premium Printed Bags

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Dreaming of sun, sand and mermaids? Check out our mermaid design! This design is placed on a matte light purple background. Mermaids, starfish and seahorses swim about surrounded by white bubbles throughout the design. This is a simple pattern with great detail given to the shadow like appearances of the white designs. This particular poly mailer would be an excellent option for shipping beachy themed items such as swimsuits or tanning products.
  • 19x24" Standard Size Premium Designer Printed Shipping Mailers
  • Our Special Blend of Polyethylene Creates an Extra Strong, Flexible, and Tear Resistant Bag, While Being Super Light Weight, Reducing Shipping Costs, and Being more Eco Friendly
  • Free of Strong Plastic Odors and Easy-to-Open Make These Bags Ideal for Quickly Shipping Clothing, Pants, Jeans, Leggings, T-Shirts, and Many Related Items
  • Permanent & Strong Self Adhesive Strip Allows for Quick & Secure Packaging
  • 100% Non-See Through, The Interior of our Multi-Layer Bags are Made with a Dark Lining Preventing the Contents of the Bag from Being Seen During Shipping

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